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High CBD Strains

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We have a combined 12 years' experience in both genetics and bio tech, creative gene pool solutions and maintenance for an array medical debilitating conditions.

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The Harlequin Strain is clone only, great medicine. We have the skills to make your day a reality that we're confident will go beyond your wildest expectations. Whether they're one of a kind or out of this world, we're on the job until it's completed to your satisfaction (and in some cases, utter astonishment). Many loss weight this is common when cleansing your body of toxins and waste.


A True Genetic Harlequin Clone is very rare so don't get discouraged. That's all we need to go on. We're experts at consultative and creative solutions. Know your CBD Medication, many new treatable conditions using Harlequin and Todo Madre The Perfect One Coming Soon 2014,

We're dedicated to mastering the art of improving our health. The Harlequin Strain,The Worlds Healer.

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High CBD Strains