Harlequin:50 milligrams a day for anyone over 40 half a joint in the morning half  before bedtime.
At HarlequinClones.com, we're dedicated to mastering the art of healing Medicinal Genetic Strains You supply the vision for your health, and Harlequin will do the rest. Medicinal Grade Cannabis indoor Lab Grown.  Is your Harlequin Clone Healing your medical condition? A true Harlequin Clone is magical and should be healing your medical condition. I recommend for folks over 40 prevention is everything about 50 ml a day should keep you in good spirits. Eat well and exercise says Bill. 20:0.03


We know exactly what it takes to both create and maintain your treatable medical conditions exact look and feel you have in mind for yourself, Harlequin Clones, Cheap CBD Oil, Highest CBD Strain, Medicinal Cannabis Oil,  Do you want true Harlequin Tincture? Contact Us. Hard to find True Genetics " Harlequin Tincture" Is your Harlequin improving your medical condition? 300 days ago many never heard of CBD or Harlequin Clones, so don't get fooled by uncool people more than once. The odds of ever getting a true harlequin strain clone is super rare. Learn all about High CBD Oil Medical Strains. 


Williams Wellness Network specifically invokes the First Amendments rights of Freedom of speech and the press without prejudice. The products discussed are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent, or treat any disease but are proven useful for the promotion of health and life extension. Harlequin our Worldwide Harlequin Network recommends that licensed local health care professionals are consulted. The statements and information herein has not been approved or endorsed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Medicinal Genetics.

Harlequin Strain is famous for its high CBD Oil, sweet taste, massive colorful buds and unprecedented medicinal effectiveness. Like many great discoveries, Harlequin’s origins were actually a bit of an accident. A small private breeding program in Switzerland working on a strain for hash production created a 75% sativa, 25% indica hybrid. At the first harvest some flowers were given to Williams Wellness Network for testing and found to be surprisingly high in CBD. Clones were provided to Marijuana Network and it was requested that the genetics be spread to growers and dispensaries. At full term, Harlequin produces brightly colored purple, red, green and even yellow flowers, reminiscent of the costumes of the court jesters from which it is named. The smile Harlequin puts on your face may have something to do with this as well. Not surprisingly 80 of our 3400 reviewers found this amazing strain helpful for their symptoms. You should experience noticeable measurable improvements clearly. One of the most amazing discoveries of the 21st century, High CBD Oil Strains  For Patients fighting Life Threatening Conditions.

Harlequin Grow Tips The Holy Medicinal Strain.

It is possible to grow Harlequin without trips to the grow store.

Direct sunlight is best. Solar is better light  than coal powered lights, and it is free. Year round solar harvests are possible with light deprivation

Organic soil is available everywhere.

The local nursery has better prices than the grow store.

60 Days of flowering is perfect.

A very in depth look at Harlequin is available

"CBD peaks at 7 weeks flowering, (up to 14-15%) while in a 2:1 ratio with THC (up to 7%). At 10 weeks CBD remains the same as week 7 but THC catches up to CBD with about a 1:1 ratio."

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