Harlequin Clones

Researchers in Spain now believe THC-CBD can kill cancer cells, brain and breast, Cannafest 2015.

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CBD-THC cannabis compounds could be the answer to many  fighting life threatening medical conditions.

kills Cancer Cells

Medical Cannabis Research could hold the answer to finding a cure for cancer patients naturally.

Harlequin Clones: It is possible to grow Harlequin with no trips to the grow store. Direct sunlight is best. Solar is better light the coal lights. Year round solar harvests are possible with light deprivation. Organic soil is best. 60 days of flowering is perfect. CBD peaks at 7 weeks (up to 14-15%) while in a 2:1 ratio with THC (up to 7%). at 10 weeks CBD remains the same as week 7 but THC catches up with the CBD with about a 1:1 ratio. CBD Rich Strains, Valentine Clones, ACDC Clones, CBD Rich Clones. CBD Oil, Hope Tincture. C6 Protocol.

Relief without the "Buzz" Cancer Fighting Plants